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CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Hyperlink' does not exist in the namespace 'Contrib'


A widget that was working flawlessly, now gives the above error int Orchard 1.2.
The error happens when it hits the first line below:
        var hyperField = new Contrib.Hyperlink.Fields.HyperlinkField();            
        foreach (var part in parts.Where(x => x.Fields.Any(z => z is Contrib.Hyperlink.Fields.HyperlinkField)))
            hyperField = part.Fields.First(x => x is Contrib.Hyperlink.Fields.HyperlinkField) as Contrib.Hyperlink.Fields.HyperlinkField;
        <li><a href="@hyperField.Link"><img src="@imageField.FileName" alt="@imageField.AlternateText" /><br />@hyperField.DisplayText</a></li>             
I could not detect any change in the class constructor codes between the latest and earlier verisons of the Contrib.Hyperlink.
But the code above does not run any more.
Any comments on that?